Rapid COVID-19 Tests In Halifax


Nova Scotia Health has introduced rapid COVID-19 tests in Halifax. The visitors will have a chance to be tested at Halifax Busker Festival, Dartmouth Summer Concert Series. Nova Scotia Health plans to introduce rapid tests at every major event in the city starting with Halifax Busker Festival.

Marie Dutka, who has come to visit the festival, stated:

“I think it should be [here], I think that’s great, I’m glad to see it.”

Marie said that her husband Quentin LeBlanc is a truck driver who is often on the road and out in various communities. This is one of the reasons why the couple got tested.

Karen Howard visited the festival with her partner. Karen and her partner got a rapid test done on-site and she also took several additional tests home, for her kids.

“We were just talking about it and thinking we’d go up to the convention centre, and I looked over and it was there,” she said.

Julie Chamberlain travelled from New Brunswick to Halifax.

She also got tested:

“It’s super easy, a lot of people talk about how uncomfortable the testing was. But I listened to her instructions and it wasn’t too interfering at all. I was so pleased to find that there were so many pop-ups. I just came and was so surprised to find it in open air, and no line up, and free. I think it’s great what Nova Scotia’s doing.”


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