Ramaswamy, Biotech Tycoon-Turned-Politician, Buys 7.7% Stake in BuzzFeed


Vivek Ramaswamy, a notable figure in both the realms of biotech entrepreneurship and politics, whose previous endeavors include a bid as a Republican presidential candidate, has made a surprising and notable investment in BuzzFeed. This digital publishing juggernaut famously closed its media outlet last year, a move that left many wondering about its stability and future prospects.

Earlier this week, the company witnessed an unexpected climb in its share prices. According to an official report lodged with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Tuesday evening, Ramaswamy is now the holder of a 7.7% stake in BuzzFeed.

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Ramaswamy seems to have faith in the potential of BuzzFeed, an opinion he made clear in his filing, stating his belief in the stock currently being undervalued. He is reportedly poised to engage with the company’s board and management in an effort to further explore this potential.

BuzzFeed’s financial situation has been filled with trials since it made its debut as a public entity in 2021. The final quarter of 2022 saw the implementation of job cuts, with the company attributing this development to a challenging digital advertising environment. It was soon followed by the announcement that the media outlet BuzzFeed News, a recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, was to be shut down.

Jonah Peretti, co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, addressed his employees via an internal memo, confirming that the layoffs were spread across various divisions includnig news, content, tech, and administration, along with business units.

BuzzFeed’s first quarter of this fiscal year concluded with a net loss of $35.7 million, roughly translating to 72 cents per share, against a revenue totalling to $44.8 million. The advertising revenue revealed a fall of 22%, coupled with a decline of 19% in content revenue. The company’s current projections indicate a forecast of an increasingly challenging revenue situation.

Ramaswamy’s foray into the realm of digital publishing comes months after he rescinded his aspiration for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in January. His withdrawal was followed by his endorsement of Donald Trump, the former President, following a not-so-impressive showing in the leadoff caucuses of Iowa where he finished fourth.

Ramaswamy has an intriguing backstory that adds fuel to his journey: the son of Indian immigrants, he plunged into politics at the apex level after amassing hundreds of millions at the crossroads of hedge funds and pharmaceutical research. This lucrative career path was navigated and nurtured during his time studying at two Ivy League institutions, Harvard University and Yale Law School.

BuzzFeed Inc., having its operations and headquarters based in New York City, experienced a 22% surge in its share prices by Wednesday. Each share saw an increase in value, hitting the mark of $3.05 once the trading bells rang on Wednesday.