Rain or Shine: Lumsden Celebrates 35th Annual Duck Derby with Enthusiasm


The people of Lumsden came together once again in passionate anticipation for the city’s time-honoured tradition, the 35th Annual Duck Derby. Excitement buzzed in the air as eager participants purchased their ducks, each hoping to be the proud owner of one of the 20 lucky fowls that would cross the finish line first.

Despite the relentless downpour that held the day hostage, attendees displayed admirable dedication. These duck enthusiasts remained unperturbed, refusing to have their spirit dampened by the persistent rain.

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A notable part of the ceremony involved awarding the prestigious honour of releasing the platoon of rubber ducks into the race. This honour is traditionally bestowed upon a local resident who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the community.

This year, the responsibility of launch director fell unanimously upon Randy Kuntz, as decided by the local selection committee. Expressing his sentiment about this year’s event, Kuntz commented, “Witnessing the turnout on such a dour day brings me immense joy. The Duck Derby’s continued success over the past 35 years is a spectacular showing of our community’s spirit. Other fundraisers fade over time, but ours has persisted three-and-half decades, proving its mettle.”

Spanning the length of an entire weekend, the Duck Derby is more than just a race. It’s a lively celebration replete with a range of activities for everybody to bask in. From an entertaining parade and thrilling street hockey sets to a beloved pancake breakfast, the event is a jubilant testament to the community spirit and unity. As if that weren’t enough to keep the adrenalin flowing, the culmination of the event – the nerve-wracking race of the ducks, adds an exclamation point to the whole affair.