Raiders’ Chandler Jones in Legal, Mental Health Turmoil Over Protective Order Violation


In a twist of events, Chandler Jones, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, was incarcerated last Thursday on allegations of infringing a protective order. Having formerly played for the Patriots, the 33-year-old sportsman found himself embroiled in legal turmoil in Las Vegas.

He was processed and detained at the Clark County Detention Center. The charges against him include two instances of breaching a temporary protective order, linked to domestic violence. However, it has been reported that he managed to secure release on bond by Friday morning, and hence was no longer listed at the Clark County Detention Center. It’s expected that Jones will make a court appearance on December 4th.

In another set of developments, Jones has spent some time in a mental institution where he was administered medication. Rejecting his status as a patient and the prescribed medication, Jones has been battling his own demons. His struggle is evident in his absence from the first two games of the regular season, and his inclusion in the Raiders’ reserve/non-football illness list.

Jones has faced further scrutiny for his bouts of anger, obscenities, and his criticism of the Raiders’ decision barring him from the team’s gym. In response, the Raiders dispatched a crisis response team to his residence following his digital tirades. His quoted discourse with health professional Dr. Heather Thanepohn shed light on his current situation, with her warning of Jones being “in danger”.

While the Raiders’ Head Coach, Josh McDaniels abstained from commenting on Jones’s predicament, the team offered their concern and expressed hope for his well-being. However, due to this being an active legal matter, specific details remain undisclosed.

Jones started his bright career playing college football at Syracuse University and then moved on to the New England Patriots in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. His performance there caught the attention of the Arizona Cardinals later on.

In 2022, he penned a substantial three-year contract with the Raiders, estimated at $51 million. However, his recent trials cast a shade over his flourishing sports career.

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