Radio Host Assault Revealed as Planned Murder, Insiders Break Silence


In an intense court proceeding, it came to light that the dreadful assault on renowned South Auckland radio host Harnek Singh in December 2020, was not a random act of violence, but a meticulously planned murder attempt. The liberalistic talks of Harnek Singh, also the co-founder of Radio Virsa, had irked a group of men in Auckland leading to their deadly resolution of his demise. This harrowing information was revealed by Jaspal Singh, who admittedly participated in the assault and has now turned witness against his former acquaintances.

Incorporating detailed events of the incident, Jaspal Singh revealed the participation of a man, now under name suppression, crediting him with arranging the murder. Singh first heard of the murderous plot a week prior to the incident when he was summoned to the man’s place. Citing that Harnek Singh had to go, the man proposed an initial plan involving a motorbike, a gun, and Singh acting as the getaway driver in an assassination attempt.

The prosecution’s case, led by attorney Luke Radich, put forward how on the eve of 23rd December 2020, the likes of Jaspal Singh followed Harnek Singh as he returned from a 4-hour broadcast saga at the Papatoetoe temple. The assault occurred while Harnek was pulling into his driveway in Wattle Downs after his car had been rammed. In all, six men were implicated in this assault. Three of them, including Jaspal Singh, have since admitted to their guilt, with the remaining three standing trial, including the man under name suppression.

Defense lawyer Jobanpreet Singh stands as one accused, alleged of his direct role, while Jagraj Singh and Gurbinder Singh are speculated for their supportive roles during the assault. On the other hand, Sukhpreet Singh is under trial for aiding the culprits post-attack.

The morning before the gruesome assault, Jaspal Singh learned more about the actual crime scene while running tasks with the man under name suppression. On the evening prior to the incident, the former learned of the changes made to the initial murder plan—voiding the use of a motorbike or a gun. This information, coupled with the bloody weapons involved, was shared by the man under name suppression and Sarvjeet Sidhu, who recently pleaded guilty just before the trial’s commencement.

Jaspal Singh expressed shock and speechlessness at how he was misguided to commit such an atrocity in the name of greater good. Post this dialogue, the former met again with Sidhu who also brought along Jobanpreet Singh, a man currently under trial. The trio examined the weapons, switched the number plates, and reached Harnek Singh’s studio. The assault followed soon after they listened to their victim’s live broadcast, deciding the apt timing.

This account of Jaspal Singh paints a frightening picture of the hatred and violence prevalent in society. However, the proceedings were stilled for the day at 5 pm with the jury members being sent home. As the truth continues to unravel, Singh is expected to continue his testimony before Justice Mark Woolford and the jury the following day.


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