Raccoon’s Surprise Midtown Starbucks Visit Excites Saskatoon Morning Patrons


Thursday morning at a Midtown Starbucks in downtown Saskatoon, customers were treated to an unexpected encounter with a raccoon that had apparently decided the tree outside the café was a perfect place to catch some shut-eye. The vaguely surreal scene was reported to Dawn, an anonymous volunteer at Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation.

From what Dawn could discern, this furry interloper had likely made a cozy bed in the heights of the tree and promptly fell into slumber while waiting for the Starbucks to open up for the day. Cherishing its tranquil retreat, the raccoon showed no inclination of stirring from its snug spot.

For those concerned about the intrusion of wildlife into the city, Dawn was quick to reassure, stating that the raccoon was healthy and posed no threat to the public. It wasn’t necessitating the services of a wildlife rescue team. Raccoons are typically residents of Saskatoon’s river areas, and she was confident that the creature would retract back to its ordinary habitat at the onset of darkness.

Raccoons, primarily nocturnal creatures, are a rare sight in the town. However, Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation does occasionally receive calls when raccoon families endeavor to establish a nest on residents’ premises. When such situations occur, Dawn and her team suggest the use of bright lights and loud noises to dissuade the unwelcome visitors.

Despite the understandable curiosity that a raccoon on a coffee run might spark, Dawn cautions the public to keep at bay and let the animal be. She firmly asserts that these creatures pose no peril, stating, “They are not going to attack anybody. They’re far more scared of you than you are of them.” While it might take a bit of patience, the raccoon is expected to move along eventually, leaving patrons to enjoy their lattes in peace.


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