Questions to Ask When Visiting a Potential Retirement Residence


By Matt Del Vecchio

As our population ages, there is an increasing trend for couples and individuals to downsize.  A popular senior living option is a retirement home that offers the dual benefit of maintaining your autonomy while living in an environment that offers a full array of activities, dining and care (if required).

Some moves are for proactive reasons (i.e. wanting to downsize and enjoy a better quality of life) while other moves are for reactive reasons (i.e. physical or cognitive issues, death of a spouse, safety and security, etc.).

Regardless of the reason for wanting to transition into a retirement home, the search for the perfect residence can be stressful and overwhelming.  Like any important decision, it takes time, research and preparation to make the best choice in choosing the right retirement home or senior community.

Here are nine important questions you should ask when looking for a retirement home or senior community:

  1. Does this residence match my culture, language, religion, geography, budget and care levels?
  1. If my care levels increase, can they meet my needs?
  2. What is the cost of the rent?
  1. What’s included in the rent and what will cost extra?
  1. Do I qualify for a tax credit?
  1. What are the types of activities that are provided?
  1. Is there indoor/outdoor parking?
  2. Can I stay for a complimentary lunch?
  1. What options do I have to break my lease should it be required?


About the author.  Matt Del Vecchio is the founder and president of Lianas Services.  He is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA).  Matt and the Lianas Senior Advisors provide a FREE service which assists families with retirement residence searches and transition support.


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