Queen Plays Table Tennis with France’s First Lady in Historic Visit


In an unprecedented moment, Her Majesty the Queen took up her paddle and engaged in a friendly game of table tennis with France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron. This notable interaction transpired during a joint tour to a local sports centre located in the suburb of Saint-Denis, near the heart of Paris.

This congenial sporting encounter was part of the three-day official visit by the King and Queen, providing them with the opportunity to garner first-hand insights into sports initiatives operating on the outskirts of the culturally rich French capital.

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The day was also marked by another historical occurrence, as earlier, King Charles had the honour of being the first British monarch ever to deliver a speech on the floor of the upper house within the French parliament. His remarkable discourse served as a significant segment of their state visit, making this day not only memorable but also cementing a momentous milestone in Franco-British relations.