Quebec’s Shipmen Of Vaccines Expected To Arrive In Quick Succession In Coming Weeks


Quebec is expecting a shipment of vaccines in the coming days, which authorities say will arrive in quick succession in the coming days.

In the week between 22 and 28 of March, the province is expecting 271440 doses of the vaccines Pfizer. They estimate that this will go up to 272610 doses in the weeks that follow. This will reduce to about 230490 doses each week thereafter.

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This is a sharp spike from the previous 100620 doses Quebec received in the previous week and is the same figure it expects this week. This following week, Quebec expects 101790 doses of Pfizer.

This week, the province is looking at 96500 doses of the vaccine Moderna and another 193600 on the 22nd of March.

Health officials also reported that they are expecting 113000 doses of the vaccine AstraZeneca COVISHIELD within this week.

The province’s influx of doses is in line with its expansion program to administer more vaccines in the coming months. Starting the 15th of March, pharmacies across the province will be licensed to offer immunization. A number of veterans have been brought on board to assist in the exercise.