Quebec’s Premier Turns Down Proposal To Have Statutory Holiday Celebrating Indigenous Persons


Quebec isn’t really upbeat about featuring a statutory day in the provincial calendar that will celebrate indigenous persons.

The province’s premier, Francois Legault, informed local media that there’s enough of those, and as government, they are not looking to set up another, regardless its intentions.

Recently, the government a bill titled C-5 that sets aside the 30th of September as a National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The holiday applies to state workers.

The premier said Quebec has already celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day, adding that there’s a lot to do with regard to reconciliation with indigenous communities.

He also noted that they have reconstituted the roundtables with the First Nations Quebec-Labrador and the first meeting took place in the previous week.

He pointed out that he is hopeful the indigenous affairs Minister, Ian Lafreniere, will reach an agreement with each one of the indigenous groups in Quebec.


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