Quebec’s Immunization Passport Grace Period Expires


The grace period authorities in Quebec allow for showing proof of immunization to access certain non-essential services including restaurants and bars has expired.

All Quebecers aged at least 13 will, going forward, be expected to present proof of immunization to access events and businesses like fitness centres, festivals and restaurants.

The government said that passport is essential to help keep the province’s economy going and lower hospitalization rates.

The passport went into force on the 1st of September, although the government granted a 15-day reprieve before fine can be imposed.

To show their immunization status, Quebecers will be expected to show their QR codes in PDF, paper or digital format on their mobile devices.

All person aged at least 16 years will be required to present photo IDs in addition to their immunization passport. Person aged 75 or older can just show non-photo Identification.


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