Quebec’s Chief Of Police Retires From Force A Year After Suspension For Alleged Misconduct


The head of Quebec’s provincial police, Martin Prud’homme, said he is retiring from the police force on the 30th of August, barely 24 months after suspension for alleged misconduct.

In 2019, the police chief was suspended, with pay, from Sûreté du Québec (SQ), at the Public Security Minister’s behest due alleged criminal misconduct.

Then, the government stated that it made the decision purely for administrating reasons.

Less than 12 months later, in 2020, the police chief said that those higher up the chain had formed a committee behind closed doors to investigate his alleged conduct. He asked that the committee cease its activities.

Based court documents, Prud’homme said the committee was looking into the source media leaks regarding cases linked to anti-graft police unit, UPAC.

Prud’homme said he was a target due a phone conversation he had with Annick Murphy, Quebec’s head prosecutor. The two discussed rumors that the police chief had something to do with the media leaks.

Despite his efforts, the committee continued its investigation even after it was decided that the Prud’homme would not face prosecution.

Now that he has quit the force, the security minister has asked that investigations cease in honor of agreement between the police chief and the government.

The police chief and the security minister agreed no further comments on the matter will be made because details of the deal have been sealed.


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