Quebecers to Reschedule their COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment-Second Dose to Come Earlier than Expected


Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced last week that the COVID-19 curfew would end everywhere in the province by this Friday. This is a better sign for summer ahead, and far much better, provincial authority has plans for Quebecers to receive their second dose earlier than planned.

Francois Legault revealed this during Tuesday’s press conference. He was joined by Dr. Haracio Arruda, Quebec Public Health Director, and Christian Dube, the Health Minister.

“Vaccination is going well, but we must continue this way. We need your solidarity to continue to win together.”

The moving of the second doses earlier than the plan is because the province expects an influx of Pfizer doses in June. Dube added that the objective is to bring the second dose before the end of August.

Dube added that the Clic Sante website would be adjusted so that people can cancel their previous appointment. However, Dube told Quebecers to wait for more details about rescheduling.

The curfew will be lifted on 28th May in the all-regions in the province. Restaurants will reopen their door, and outdoor gatherings with a limit of eight people will be allowed starting on Friday.

Legault affirmed that the aim is to bring the whole of Quebec to orange by 7th June. He, however, added that turning would go region by region. The orange status will arrive in many zones on 32nd May, red zones such as Montreal and Laval will follow the suit a week later.

In Quebec Cty, Monteregie, Laurentians, Lanaudiere and Outaouais will move to orange on 31st May. That will be a green light for a high school class, gyms, indoor dining to reopen.

Eastern Township, Chaudiere-Appalaches, L’Islet, Montmagny, Robert-Cliche, and MRC du Grant will remain red while the other region turns orange. Legault noted that even in the red zones, the situation is improving, and if the trend continues, they may switch to orange by 7th June.


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