Quebecers To Have Access To Vaccine Passport Starting Wednesday Ahead Of Planned September 1st Launch


Starting Wednesday, Quebecers will have access to the immunization passport application, which the province said it would use to limit access to non-essential services.

The application was named VaxiCode, and will be available for download on Appstore as from 8 am, and will be available to about 5 million Quebecers who have already received QR codes. Android users will have access to their version of the application later on this week.

The application is still being tested at a number of local businesses across the province, but the health ministry said it will be ready to launch as scheduled on the 1st of September.

Starting next month, all person aged at least 13 will be expected to present their Vaccination QR codes at all points where they seeking non-essential services. The application will feature a QR code with the user’s information, and will illuminate green of Red based on the person immunization status.

Additionally, users will be required to present their photo IDs so that the people scanning their application can verify their identities.

Those who do not wish to use a smart will have their proof of immunization sent them via email or they can also print hardcopies.

The bare minimum for the application is iPhone 6 running an iOS 11. For Google store users, their devices must be running version 8.1 or higher.

Another application – VaxiCode Verif – will also be rolled out under the immunization passport system, and will be used by businesses to scan and verify customer vaccination status.

Authorities said they would give a grace period before effective penalties for business that fail to enforce the immunization program. They face up to $6000 in fines when they program rolls out officially.

Health officials said the passport program will accommodate visitors to the province. Persons visiting from other regions will be required to provide proof of immunization as provided for in their own jurisdictions together with a photo ID.

Authorities did they will give exceptions to those who cannot immunize due to health reasons.


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