Quebecers Flocking to Water Bodies Urged to Be Cautious and Avoid being Alone


Quebec Lifesaving Society is warning Quebecers who are already flocking to the water to be cautious this year and avoid repeating reckless drowning that was witnessed last year.

In 2020, Quebec reported 100 drownings that were almost half of what was witnessed in 2019. A study by Leger indicates that a quarter of Quebecers will spend this summer at a chalet.

Raynald Hawkins, the executive director of the Lifesaving Society says that half of the people will go visiting new places. He advises them to stay on guard and check the current while swimming, boating, paddleboarding, among other water sports.

Most drownings that were reported last year occurred in natural water bodies. Hawking insists that swimming or boarding alone is dangerous. Half of the victims of drowning were alone. While alone, no one can call for help.


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