Quebecers Encounters Difficulties in Booking their Second COVID-19 Vaccines


Three days have passed since the Quebec government announced that Quebecers could move on with their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine appointments. The government insisted that the process is running smoothly, but to many, it is a total headache.

The Health Ministry released a statement on Wednesday saying that the system is working well despite some necessary adjustments.

“It is indeed very successful in recognizing the people registered, as well as the nature of the vaccine received during the first appointment.”

The system has been set to enable Quebecers to receive their second dose earlier than planned. Initially, Quebecers were to receive their second dose 16 weeks after the first vaccine. However, that has been shortened to 8 weeks due to the increasing availability of the vaccine.

Now, Quebecers who are 80 and above can reschedule their appointment. However, it has not been an easy task. Several Montrealers have expressed frustrations in navigating the Clic Sante portal. Many have taken to social media describing how they are receiving error messages and technical issues.

The government has acknowledged that the portal has some issues, due to a mismatch of personal information or missing information in the first dose appointment.

Some people have opted for walk-in vaccination, but have not been successful to many. Many who received an error message opted to take a walking were turned away.

Some people got emails to get their vaccination shots. However, they were all turned away despite the government acknowledging being responsible for the errors.

Quebec government advises people who continue to receive an error message while booking their second dose to head for a walk-in clinic. They can correct the information and get their second dose.


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