Quebecer Will Have Access To Vaccine Passport Application Starting Wednesday Ahead Of September Launch


A handful of Quebecers will have access to the immunization passport application starting this Wednesday as health officials say they are ready to imposed limits to non-essential services to persons who have been immunized.

The passport application, VaxiCode, will be available for download on Appstore starting 8 am, and it is estimated that about 5 million people will have it in their phone as they already have their immunization QR code. The application will be available to android users later in the week.

Tests are still underway at a number of local businesses in Quebec, although Health Minister Dube stated that the province is ready for September the 1st.

The health minster stated the vaccine passport is a tool meant to facilitate freedom and prevent closure of businesses through lockdowns as cases and hospitalization rates continue to soar.

Starting the 1st of September, all persons aged 13 or older will be required to produce their QR codes to be allowed to access non-essential services. In addition, passport holders will be required to produce photo IDs so that the scanning entity can verify their passport holder’s identity.

Another application, VaxiCode Verif, will also be launch to be used by businesses to scan and check customers’ paper and digital proof of immunization.

Helath officials said they will give a grace period during which no penalties will be issued to businesses that do not enforce the new guidelines. Starting September 15th, businesses who do not check immunization status of their customers will face up to $6000 in fines.

Health officials said that the passports will be design in a way that they can accommodate person living outside of Quebec, so person visiting Quebec will be required to provide proof of immunization and their photo IDs.

They system will make exceptions for those who cannot be immunized because of health reasons, Dube stated.


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