Quebec Will Create $125-million Fund To Improve Sports Infrastructure In Schools


Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard has revealed plans for the creation of a new $125-million fund that will improve sports infrastructure in schools. Eric Girard talked to the press:

“I wanted to highlight the resilience of our small and medium-sized businesses.”

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Girard intentionally chose a running shoe store, Le Coureur Nordiques, to carry out the traditional photo-op in order to promote small businesses. The store is located in the Montcalm district of Quebec City.

Girard claims that the new budget proposal will not be focused solely on sports but on economic recovery, health and education as well.

The minister added:

“The importance of getting back to a balanced budget has not changed. We will also see if the mandatory contributions to the Generations Fund are maintained.”

The budget is expected to contain measures directed at small and medium-sized businesses. Most of these businesses have been badly affected by the pandemic and many of those ventures are facing huge job losses or even bankruptcy.

For now, the Legault government is holding its word not to increase the tax burden on taxpayers. It refrains from raising taxes while maintaining the current level of public services. It remains to be seen if the government will be able to stay on this course.