Quebec week of disabled persons – Pointe-Claire continues to improve universal access


As part of the Quebec week of disabled persons, The City of Pointe-Claire  is proud to highlight the City’s involvement in the past year in improving services for residents related to universal access.

“Access for people with reduced mobility or disabilities to all of our buildings and municipal facilities is a priority for Pointe-Claire. We have always been a community devoted to inclusiveness and support. Thanks to our action plan, we hope to always serve our community well and respect all of its members,” says Mayor Trudeau.

The accessibility committee has been working since 2010 to fulfill current needs appropriately and diversify the services and programs available in partnership with experts in the field.

“The Quebec week of disabled persons is an opportunity to reiterate the importance of uniting our efforts to maximize the integration and participation of those with reduced mobility in various social activities,” concludes the Mayor.


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