Quebec Transport Minister Apologizes for Ignoring Seatbelt Law in Viral Photos.


An embarrassing oversight on road safety has prompted Quebec’s Transport Minister, Genevieve Guilbault, to issue a public apology. Photographs have surfaced portraying Guilbault neglecting to wear her seatbelt while amidst traffic.

Compiled through a span of three years, these photos were brought to light today by the Journal de Montreal. They had been posted previously on Guilbault’s social media accounts, capturing instances where she was behind the wheel or being a passenger without being belted in.

As she headed into a cabinet meeting, Guilbault, who simultaneously serves as deputy premier, expressed sincere remorse for her lapse in judgement. According to her, forgetting to secure herself with a seatbelt was not a habitual practice, but a rare exception.

She acknowledged that such casual transgressions, irrespective of their frequency, are unacceptable. As they breach the provincial Highway Safety Code, Guilbault admitted that they were clear violations of the law.

The transport minister emphasised that her position of authority obliges her to be a role model to the public. While her mistakes have invited criticism, she hopes they can be viewed as a reminder for all too prioritise safety when on the road. This message becomes particularly relevant as a new school year commences, and roadways are more occupied than usual.

“We politicians are human beings,” Guilbault confessed in an earnest tone, “like everyone else, we also commit mistakes, and I am very much in acceptance of my imperfections.” Ironically, these revelations arrived just eight days after Gilbert herself had launched new road safety procedures.


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