Quebec to Soon Lower the Vaccine Age Limit Probably to 40 and Above


Quebec will soon lower the AstraZeneca vaccine age limit. This is what Horacio Arruda, the provincial public health director. Arruda made the announcement a few minutes after receiving his first dose of the Moderna. He added that a formal announcement will be made once the committee of immunization of Quebec.

Arruda made the announcement on Monday a few minutes after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. He added that the announcement will be made formally once the committee of immunization of Quebec gives them a green light to do so.

“It’s clear that it seems, from what we suspect, that there’s going to be a lowering of the age like other provinces, but will it be 50, 45, and 40? I cannot tell you before I receive the advice.”

Quebec’s public health institutes have also indicated that it will issue an official opinion in the coming days. Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba have already lowered the AstraZeneca eligibility to 40. Quebec’s age limit is still at 55 and above.

Arruda encouraged Quebecers to get the vaccine once their time arrives.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Protect yourself, protect others. Go get vaccinated.”

Arruda further told reporters that the province is aiming to vaccinate 100, 00 people every day. At the moment, only 64, 213 people receive a shot in a day. He added that the province will continue with the current roll-out plan.


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