Quebec Sends Wishlist To The Federal Parties, Centers Choice Around Immigration And Health


The province of Quebec has signaled its Wishlist to the Federal Parties, centering its choice around health and immigration issues.

At a recent news briefing, Premier Francoise Legault stated he dispatched a letter to the federal party leadership noting 11 issues ahead of the elections which will be held in September.

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The Premier is urging the future government to raise health transfers from 22 percent to about 35 percent. He added that his government does not like the idea of dictating that funding must be allotted to allocated to care facilities as opposed to care at home.

He added that more centralization or argument isn’t exactly what the province needs right now and it isn’t the government’s job to dictate what’s needed.

The other issues that Legault addressed is transfer of control of family re-unification from the central government to the provincial administration. This, Legault said, is meant to protect the French language by ensuring that immigrants follow all language related requirements.

The Premier also demanded that the future government commit to the current government’s housing and infrastructure priorities rather than exercising its jurisdiction or direct intervention. Legault also asked for restraint with regards to environmental matters, noting the current federal climate objective, which was launched last year, has interfered significantly in the province.