Quebec Scheduled To Enter The Green Zone This Coming Week


Quebec is improving significantly, Premier Francois Legault said on twitter ahead of Tuesday’s conference. He added that they are precisely where the government projected the province would be wit its vaccination program. He announced that starting Monday, the whole of Quebec would shift into the green zone.

The premier announced at Tuesday’s conference that private homes where residents are fully immunized will be allowed to gather without masks. At most 3500 persons will be allowed to gather at outdoor events without an assigned seating arrangement.

As of Monday, at most 10 persons can congregate indoors, while 20 can collect outside. At bars and restaurants, staff can allow 10 persons indoors, and while 20 can gather sit on terrasses.

As regards sports activities, the premier said the revised limit will be 50 players together with 50 fans, while indoors sports can admit half that number.

Wedding can only host a maximum of 25 people indoors and 50 outside.

The premier said they have made significant progress considering that 80 percent of those who are eligible for vaccination have already been immunized.

But he noted that under 40s remain their biggest concern, adding that it is his hope that they will be encouraged to seek immunization.


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