Quebec Restaurant Faced Death Threats After It Canceled Conservative Party Event


A restaurant in Quebec has come saying that it has had to endure death threats after it canceled a conservative party event last week.

This information led the party president, Eric Duhaime, to urge restraint noting that the restaurants have had a tough time because of the pandemic, and do not needs further stress from public bullying. In through a post on social media, Duhaime also rebuked the cancel culture that he says has been borrowed from the Americans.

Hopera, in Joquiere borough, Saguenay, is one of the restaurants caught in the bullying. Local media attempts to reach the owner for comment on Monday failed.

However, the restaurant posted a response to the post by Duhaime, saying that he isn’t restricted from accessing the restaurant, but it canceled reservations because the event had been scheduled without a proper request. The owner also said that they got information about the event online.

Duhaime noted that he got in touch with two others that also canceled their reservation the same week, noting that they spoke, issued apologies and things are okay now.


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