Quebec Report the First Cases Involving Indian Variant of COVID-19


Quebec has detected the fifth variant of COVID-19 that was firsts sequenced in India. The Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Quebec health department reported the B-1-617 on Wednesday.

Julie Michaud, CIUSSS information officer said that it was the first case associate with the Indian variant. However, it is not the first case in Canada, British Columbia has confirmed 39 cases of the variant.

The B.1.617 is known as the double mutant because it contains two distinct mutations of the original COVID-19 virus. Each of the mutations has been found in other variants.

CIUSSS says that the person who tested positive for the variant is currently in self-isolation. CIUSSS added that the person is healthy and has already been vaccinated.

Michaud said that the health department is investigating the origin of the variant. However, she did not reveal the exact area where the case was found.

“We will not provide information on the individual’s place of residence.”

Apart from the detected Indian variant, Maurice-et-Centre-du-Quebec has also reported 11 cases involving the UK variant.

Currently, Quebec has 3, 443 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 variant. The variant is under enhanced surveillance, however, the Quebec Institute of Public Health says the variant hasn’t demonstrated epidemiological or clinical impact.


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