Quebec Release Figures that Show Daily Cases of COVID-19 Dropping


Quebec released new COVID-19 figures that show that the province is reporting the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in a day. Currently, the region is adding 889 new cases of infection in a day.

The last time the province reported fewer than 1000 cases in a day was on 30th March, whereby 864 cases were recorded. However, deaths and hospitalizations have continued to be slightly high.

Eight new deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported since 19th April. The province has so far lost 10, 886 people to COVID-19. Those hospitalized due to COVID-19 also increase by 10, reaching a total of 664 patients.

Quebec has reported 1, 355 people to have recovered, which brings the total number of recoveries to 324, 441. Active cases also dropped by 474, bringing the total number to 10, 370.

The province is also speeding the administration of vaccines 80, 000 doses have been administered in the past week. However, over the weekend, vaccination dropped to 64, 969 doses and 41, 731 doses given on Sunday.

Quebec has so far administered 2, 871, 140 shots. However, the province is out of vaccines. Only less than 200, 000 doses are available for Quebecers. The province expects 231, 660 doses of Pfizer and 137, 200 doses of Moderna to arrive this week. So far, only 33 percent of Quebecers have been vaccinated.


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