Quebec Public Health says that the Issue of Age Requirement will be Updated Soon


Quebecers trying to book for vaccination on the Clic Sante website were frustrated this week. The French and English versions of the portal age requirement for vaccination were different. The age requirements for vaccinations in the province have been reduced to 80. However, the English version of the website remained at 85.  

While the province relies on the website to make an appointment, Quebec public health wants people to be patient while they update the new brand software. However, public health has said in a statement that the situation will be corrected soon.

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It has was reported that some delays would be experienced in the update of French and English website versions. On Tuesday, for instance, the English version’s minimum age was 85, while the required age to get a jab is supposed to be 80. That caused confusion to those who were eligible to book for the appointment and couldn’t.

However, the French version of the website was tuned at 80, which created discrimination among the Anglophone communities. Other problems experienced by other English speaker include those couldn’t use the French language and thus couldn’t make an appointment.