Quebec Premier Says New Health Guidelines Will Be Announced In The Next Few Days


As case numbers continue to increase in Quebec, the province’s Premier, Francois Legault, stated Wednesday more measures are coming in the next few days.

In a post that was shared on social media showing a screen capture of a zoom meeting between the premier, Health Director Horacio Arruda and a number of other public officials, Legault said the rising case numbers are concerning.

Based on data the health ministry shared recently, about 92 percent of the cases in Quebec reported between the 1st and 24th were identified in unvaccinated or partially immunized persons.

About 74 percent of the population eligible to be immunized has at least a dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Quebec’s institute of public health said. The figure goes up to 84 percent when the province takes into account persons above 12 years, with only 69 percent being completely immunized.

Currently, Quebec has 1263 infections, 58 of which are receiving treatment while 17 are under intensive care.

Health officials said that if the situation continues to worsen, immunization passports will be made mandatory starting the 1st of September.


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