In today’s briefing, Premier Legault announced that elementary schools will reopen on May 19th in the Greater Montreal Area. Schools outside of the GMA are set to open on May 11th.

It won’t be mandatory for parents to send their child to school, nor will children be penalized.

Legault stated that this reopening is for the good of the children, especially those with learning difficulties. Also, the risk of being infected with COVID-19 is limited for children. However, if parents have health conditions, they should keep their children at home.

He added that his government got the approval from the public health authorities and that “life must go on for children.”

He further declared that “This reopening will be gradual. it won’t be obligatory. If all conditions are met. We will analyze the situation every day and adapt if necessary. The watchword is Prudence.”

High schools, CEGEPs and universities will remain closed until the end of August to limit public transit.

Tomorrow, Legault will make announcements regarding the reopening of businesses.

Last Friday, Legault had posted the following on his Facebook page: “If the situation continues, we will be able to start, in a few weeks, to gradually reopen our businesses and schools. But life is going to be different than before. We’re going to have to be careful and continue to keep our distance. Ideally, we will also have to wear a mask when we are not able to stay 2 metres away from others.”

COVID-19 cases confirmed, as of today:

  • Québec: 24,982
  • Canada: 47,346
  • US: 990,682
  • Worldwide: 2,900,000+


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