Quebec Police Watchdog Investigating an Isolated Case Involving a 65-year-Old Woman who died in her house


Quebec police watchdog investigates an isolated case of a 65-year-old woman who was found dead in her house. Montreal police checked on her four times at the family’s request and, upon entering her home a month later, found her dead. Eight investigators are looking into the case to determine whether police actions are connected with her death.

The BEI received the first call about the woman on January 21st. The person contacted the Montreal emergency services after having no news about her family member. When the officer went to her address, she said that she was out of contact with her family and voluntarily self-isolating for fears of getting infected.

The BEI says that the police left her home, but another caller requested that the 65-year-old woman four times. But the officers said they couldn’t contact her. Later on February 8th, the police went to her home and received no response. They then asked questioned neighbors about her whereabouts and then left.

Then on February 12th, one officer went to her home but asked the caller to get the order for the home to be entered. Another call was made on February 16th; the police visited her premises and left before speaking to her.

On February 17th, after being unable to contact the woman, the police requested a locksmith service, and they were able to access the house and found her body inside. According to BEI, the information about when she might have died has not yet been estimated.

Since the case is in the watchdog agency’s hands, the Montreal police refused to comment. BEI is asking anyone who might have information about the event to come forward through their website


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