Quebec Physicians Voice Concern over MAID Reprisals Amid Rising Demand


The Quebec College of Physicians has publicly voiced concerns regarding the apprehension felt by some provincial doctors towards performing medical aid in dying (MAID). These concerns, rooted in the fear of potential reprisals, were expressed in a letter that the college plans to circulate among its members today.

The specifics of the feared reprisals and their potential sources were not delineated in the letter, which was signed by the College President, Mauril Gaudreault. The letter was drafted as a reaction to a memo from the head of Quebec’s Commission on End of Life Care, which suggested that Quebec residents are increasingly turning to MAID, not as a last resort, but as a mainstream alternative.

Dr. Michel Bureau observed that an escalating number of MAID cases were straddling the boundaries of the existing law. This, he said, is evidenced by a slight but noticeable rise in the number of procedures that blatantly disregard the outlined rules.

However, Gaudreault, representing the college’s stance, clarified that the increasing demand for medical aid in dying among Quebec residents was not a cause for worry. He highlighted that more than 99% of all MAID cases conducted were in strict accordance with the law.

Dr. Bureau forecasts that Quebec is set to close out the year with a record seven per cent of all deaths resulting from doctor-assisted procedures. The college’s letter and its revelations reinforce the pressing need for ongoing discourse and policy considerations on this highly sensitive aspect of healthcare.


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