Quebec Needs 4000 Nurses, Health Ministry Urges Health Workers To Immunize, Yet Again


The health ministry in Quebec made yet another impassionate appeal Tuesday urging the 15 percent who are yet to be immunized to get the jab.

Christian Dube, health minister, stated the number of persons who are currently hospitalized seems small, but he would like the people to remember that Quebec is facing a nursing staff shortage, and added strain would cripple the health system.

About 7 other people have been admitted with COVID-19 symptoms in the last 24 hours, three of whom are in the ICU. Most of these patients had not fully immunized.

Dube noted that the province has just walked out of a summer in which it could barely hold off on postponing surgeries to create room for people with COVID-19.

He added that the province is currently at a critical state. It needs about 4000 nurses, and there are areas in the province, such as Abitibi, where staff shortage is very serious that health officials may have to close some emergency rooms to keep other services going.


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