Quebec MP Alain Rayes Abandons Re-election Bid, Criticizes Federal Parties


The esteemed member of Parliament for Quebec, Alain Rayes, has publicized his decision to refrain from pursuing a renewed tenure of federal office. This development comes a year following his departure from the Conservative Party. Rayes expressed that the current period is an optimum one for him to take his leave from the political sphere, although he will continue to fulfill his obligations as an MP until the upcoming federal election.

In his statement, Rayes painted a poignant – if somewhat disheartened – picture of himself as a “political orphan”, asserting that the extant federal parties are bereft of a positive vision, coupled with the necessary prudence in fiscal management. Serving in an independent capacity of late, Rayes has been a steadfast representative of the Richmond-Arthabaska region located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. His association spans back to 2015.

Rayes’ political journey was marked by an event of significance a year back, when he pronounced his support for former Quebec premier Jean Charest during the Conservative party’s leadership race. His decision to quit was spurred following the ascension of leader Pierre Poilievre. Rayes voiced his concerns regarding the party’s lackluster initiative towards environmental preservation, fostering of mutual respect across partisan lines as well as preservation of law and order.

Following his exit from the party, an intriguing incident took place, wherein registered Conservative Party members in his riding were subjected to a text message encouraging them to lodge a demand for his resignation as an MP. Rayes cited this as a clandestine attempt to intimidate him, labeling it a “smear operation”. The Conservative party soon extended an apology via social media platforms, attributing the circumstance to an “automated text message”.


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