Quebec Health Minister Reverse the Earlier Statement Regarding the Second Dose of AstraZeneca


On Thursday, Quebec changes the advice it had given regarding the second dose of AstraZeneca.

On Wednesday, the provincial website read that people who had the first dose of AstraZeneca should get, either Pfizer or Moderna as the second dose.

Health Minister Christian Dube on Thursday apologized, adding that the message was a communication error due to misinterpretation of service by the immunization committee.

Dube added that AstraZeneca is an excellent vaccine for anyone who wants to get it as a second dose. By Thursday afternoon, the site had changed the previous statement, indicating the AstraZeneca recipients ‘could’ get a different vaccine instead of ‘should’.

The choice to opt for a different second dose remain personal. One should weigh the efficacy of the mixed vaccine and the side effects. Dube himself choose to receive AstraZeneca for both doses.

Dube also announced that the vaccine appoints already made will be honored. However, those who want to move up to the second dose have to wait. The province targets to vaccinate all willing Quebecers by the end of August.


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