Quebec Health Institute Recommend that all Workers Wear Mask in their Workplace all Time


All workers are recommended to wear masks at all times in their workplace. The Institut national de Sante Publique du Quebec (INSPQ) say mask covers are needed as additional protection, especially with the arrival of COVID-19 variants.

INSPQ says that the recommendations are intended to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially in indoor workplaces. The institute adds that masks are easier to wear at all times and in any task or situation.

The institute further noted that infections are being reported in Quebec every week. On Tuesday, they released a statement saying that the variants are more transmissible and more contagious.

Other measures that have been adopted in workplaces to prevent the spread of the virus include minimizing contact, physical distancing, hand sanitization, ventilation, and physical barriers.

INSPQ further noted that break periods and mealtimes are the most likely when transmission occurs, according to data. The arrival of variants now necessitates that all necessary preventive measures be adopted.

Workers are now recommended to rotate meal times or allow them to eat in their offices. If not possible, companies are advised to create more space for workers.

The medical mask or that certified by the Bureau de normalization du Quebec is recommended for outdoor work. However, the two meters distancing is still challenging to maintain among co-workers.


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