Quebec Government to Table the Long-Awaited French Language Bill 101


According to sources, the Legault government will table the long-awaited reform to the French language charter. In a Tweet, Legault teased on Tuesday evening that an important announcement is coming on Thursday after he met Simon Jolin-Barrette, Quebec’s language minister.

The government has not yet hinted at the reforms it intends to unveil, how they will be applied, and how they will affect Quebecers. The debate over the use of the French language is a hot-button issue. Legault government indicated that it intends to table Bill 101 before the end of the current parliamentary session.

In a news conference on April 22nd, Legault indicated not to shy from using the notwithstanding clause to protect the bill from legal challenges. He insisted that he would use legal too to protect Quebecer collective rights.

Bill 101 is one of Quebec’s biggest portfolios, the language minister last month announced that the government has allocated $17 million to promote French in Quebec. Another $2.7 million has also been awarded to the societies de development commercial de Montreal.


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