Quebec Government Disaster Financial Aid available in 24 -72 hours!



An important message from the office of Minister Geoffrey Kelley: 

Quebec Government Disaster Financial Aid available in 24 -72 hours!

If you or someone you know has suffered damage to their primary residence or belongings from the flood that is not covered by insurance, the government of Quebec has an important disaster financial aid program you need to know about!

You could be eligible for financial assistance within 24-72 hours following an application that will reimburse a portion of the expenses incurred to protect your home from flooding; to evacuate your home; move your personal belongings out of your residence; or if suffered damages to your furniture, clothing, appliances, home business; computers, building, and much more. This program is available to both those who own, or rent the home damaged by the flood.

The government financial aid program is extensive. Please call the Ministry of Public Security at 1-888-643-2433 to find out about the compensation you may be eligible for and to get help filing your claim!


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