Quebec Farmers Making Use of Smart Technology and Imported Bees to Extend their Seasons


The spring is on the horizon, and farmers in Quebec are planning their season; however, Phillippe Beauregard is already growing crops even before the fields thaw.

Beauregard has a greenhouse farm in the Rougemont area, which enables him to grow crops even in low seasons. Phillippe started planting in his greenhouse in January by making use of natural light during the lengthened days.

Phillipe says that the strawberries take few months to grow, and by Easter, he will be harvesting. The greenhouse keeps his family busy since there are no low seasons. He has fitted sensors and thermometers to monitor the plants and their environment.

The sensors and thermometers in the greenhouse enable him to control humidity, mist and heat, and water. All these control systems are monitored via an app on the mobile phone.

Although Phillipe has the smart technology by his hand, he still uses hand checking to ensure that the data provided on his phone is correct. Phillipe also imports Biobest bumblebee bees from Belgium for his strawberry.

The bees are placed into the greenhouse, where they act as pollinators. Phillippe says that bees are doing a fine job. Due to the increased demand for strawberries in Quebec, Phillippe neighboring farmers also want to build greenhouses to extend their seasons.


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