Quebec Enacts Law Prohibiting Anti-Vaccine Protests Near Schools, Hospitals


After only a handful of hours of deliberations, the National Assembly swiftly passed Bill 105 into law prohibiting anti-vaccine demonstrations nears schools and hospitals. The new law prescribes a fine of up to $12000.

The bill was tabled before parliament last Thursday by Genevieve Guilbault, the public health minister, and took very little time for MNAs to deliberate a bill that will empower police issue fines to persons found protesting within 50m of these places.

A fine of between $1000 and $6000 will be issued to person found protesting too close to school and other target institutions over COVID-19 protocols.

Fines will double for those who are deemed repeat offenders.

The bill also makes it illegal to organize and/or incite people to demonstrate against COVID-19 immunization.

However, it will not penalize workers who demonstrate asking for better working terms. Parents who wish to hold demonstrations asking for better ventilation will not be allowed by the new bill.

In response to concerns that the bill was rushed, Premier Legault stated that they had lost patience with anti-vaccine protectors of the type witness in the last few days who were seen intimidating children not to get immunized.


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