Quebec Court Upholds Verdict: ‘Dead’ Man Possibly Alive and Living in Iran


In a recent landmark decision, the Court of Appeal in Quebec has firmly upheld a prior verdict that reversed the death proclamation of a man who had been declared deceased over five years ago. The man in question, Hooshang Imanpoorsaid, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2008 and was later officially declared dead by a Quebec judge in 2017.

Following his death ruling, a substantial insurance policy amounting to $500,000 was released for his widow and children. However, twists and turns in the case began to unfurl when a subsequent police investigation raised allegations that Imanpoorsaid had travelled to Amsterdam of his own accord.

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A further shocking revelation was the discovery that the presumedly deceased man had left behind sizeable debts to multiple creditors. The family predictably found themselves in a web of intrigue and uncertainty.

The saga took an even more dramatic twist in 2021, when a Quebec court decided to reverse his official status from deceased to living. This unexpected move was prompted by the reputed insurance company Ivari, which produced documents purporting to prove convincingly that Imanpoorsaid was indeed alive – allegedly residing in Iran.

The increasing complexity of the case forced Imanpoorsaid’s wife, Deborah Carol Riddle, to question the credibility of the documents. She boldly chose to challenge the lower court’s decision, firmly insisting on the legitimacy of her husband’s death declaration.

Despite her assertive pursuit, a trio of Court of Appeal judges unequivocally dismissed her arguments, standing firmly by the lower court ruling. They concluded last week with a statement suggesting that the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that Imanpoorsaid is very likely still alive. This complex legal battle continues to grip Quebec, serving as a compelling testament to the unpredictable nature of both life and the law.