Quebec Considering Emulating Saskatchewan Reopening Plan


Quebec will on Tuesday unveil its reopening plan as the province reaches a benchmark vaccination that has seen cases of COVID-19 gradually decrease. Government officials hinted last week that they were working on the reopening plan.

Premier Francois Legault had also hinted that Quebec could emulate Saskatchewan’s reopening plan. The plan seeks to foster faster resumption of normal activities in just six to eight weeks.

If Saskatchewan sticks to its plan, by mid-July, all activities will resume. The plan includes three reopening steps and, each phase outlines activities that to be permitted. However, the timeline is tentative, and the final decision still depends on the COVID-19 data.
Saskatchewan target 70 percent coverage of the first dose to those aged 40 in the first stage. In the second phase, 70 percent of those aged 30 and above must be vaccinated. In the third stage, 70 percent of those aged 18 and over must have their shot. The phase is separated by three weeks to give time for the vaccine to take effect.

Saskatchewan health experts say that the plan will motivate people to get vaccinated. If Quebec will emulate the Saskatchewan plan, here is what Quebecers can expect. In the first phase, bars and restaurants reopened, and a maximum of six people are allowed per table. Outdoor and indoor gatherings a limited to a maximum of 30 and 10 people in that order.

In the second phase, the maximum capacity limit per table is lifted. Indoor gatherings are limited to 15 people, Public gatherings whether indoor or outdoor are limited to 150 people. Wearing a mask will still be mandatory, but casinos, bingo halls, theatres, libraries, and art galleries will reopen.

The third phase will bring new rules regarding gathering sizes, masking. The plan will be based on the first and second phases. If the plan goes as intended, Saskatchewan will reach the step in the second week of July.


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