Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Quebec announces new hotline for COVID-19 – 1 877 644 4545


The Quebec government announced that with the overwhelming amount of calls regarding COVID-19, the province set up a hotline Thursday, to answer any questions about coronavirus: 1 877 644 4545.

The “811” number is receiving more than 17,000 calls a day and serving only about 3,000. Santé Quebec added supplementary measures to improve the situation. It is advised that you only call 811 if you have symptoms. Both numbers are operational.

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A health care professional will assess you and, if needed, you will be given an appointment to go to one of the hospitals designated to screen for COVID-19. The test is performed, which consists of blood tests and a swab of the inside of the nostrils with a tiny brush that looks like a mascara applicator.

If results come back positive you are then advised on the next steps.  If the test is negative you are to return to normal activity after your symptoms pass.

Dr. Louise Miner of the Jewish General Hospital is asking citizens to go directly to their local hospitals if they show symptoms of COVID-19 – the JGH is set up to take care of those that are in distress with the virus. All hospitals are equipped for COVID-19 testing. Most people will be sent home after testing. Those in distress will be sent to a quarantined location.

The Quebec government announced Friday that all daycares, schools, CEGEPS and universities in the province will be closed for at least two weeks as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault made the announcement Friday morning in Quebec City. He acknowledged that the measure was drastic, but the health of all Quebecers was at stake, Legault said. “These measures aim to limit the number of cases and prevent the overflow of the healthcare network’s capacities,” he said in a statement.” (CTV)