Quebec Adds 13 Workplaces Sites to Host Vaccination


Thirteen major businesses in Quebec have been selected to host vaccination sites. The sites will administer the vaccine to their workers, workers’ families, among others.

The businesses include Rio Tinto in the Lac-St-Jean, SAQ in the Montreal area, Trudeau airport. The announcement was made during the Thursday press conference, where it was also hinted that those employees could get their jab beginning in May.

However, the businesses were cautioned against vaccinating employees by favoritism and not adhering to the priorities.

“The objective of this initiative is to lend a hand to the public network by giving its teams a little respite, by vaccinating the general population even more quickly.”

On Thursday, Alberta also announced that it would set up a vaccination site for the Cargill meatpacking plant, which was greatly devastated last year by the pandemic. However, Quebec’s plans were underway for a while.

On March 19. The province requested businesses interested in hosting vaccination to apply. The Thursday press conference further affirmed that 50 more sights would be sought. The province target to vaccinate half a million people by the end of August in these sites.

Apart from the company’s employees and their families, the general population will also have access to the sites. The connection will be established in few weeks between the companies and vaccination centers. All companies which had shown interest in the exercise will be contacted.


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