Here are the highlights from Premier Francois Legault’s April 5th press conference:

Legault started with sharing data from Google showing that Quebec is practicing social distancing most effectively out of all the Canadian provinces and U.S states. He was proud to share this news and encourages the population to continue their efforts.

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The premier followed by saying that the non-essential business closure will be extended from April 13th to May 4th. This aligns with the current Quebec school closure date of May 4. He stated that these measures will continue to be in place until the COVID-19 curve begins to fall.

The launching of “Panier Bleu”, a non-profit to Quebec local businesses was announced by the government.

Updated Quebec COVID-19 Cases:

  • IN Quebec: 7944
  • In Canada: 15,416
  • U.S: 323,516
  • Worldwide: 1,237,000

Premier Legault was accompanied by Pierre Fitzgibbon, MNA and Minister of Economy and Innovation.[/embed]