QMJHL’s Junior Hockey League Still Taking Part In Playoffs


Quebec’s Major Junior Hockey League is currently the only MJL in the entire country that is working to finish its playoffs.

This is going on despite mounting cases of COVID-19 infections in the province and raising outbreaks in N.B.

This Monday, the Western Hockey League shut down its playoffs noting that the current pandemic is making it impossible for them to finish this season.

The WHL features teams in the B.C area, the prairies as well as northwest the United States, and had re-opened games last February after delays in kickstarting the seasons.

However, through a statement, Ron Robinson, the league’s commissioner, noted that the explosion of infections in the past few weeks had dictated how to proceed henceforth.

Ontario’s hockey league never had the chance to kickstart its hockey league.
League officials admitted they were unable to keep up with constant changes in restrictions and ruled regarding the pandemic.

The Atlantic bubble’s early success helped two divisions, one with 12 Quebec teams and another having 6 teams in Maritime.

However, the subsequent failure of the bubble and delays in re-opening till at least next month has caused the game to consider a change in its play-off strategy.

Two clubs from Nova Scotia will not participate while three teams from N.B will face off robin-round style.

The winning team will proceed to play against Charlottetown, although it is too early to tell if the government will allow this to go on.


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