Public Urged to Aid in Search for Missing Muskoka Man


In the scenic region of Muskoka, provincial law enforcement officials have extended a plea to the public, urging them to assist in the search for a man who vanished under mysterious circumstances around two months prior.

These concerned officers received a distressing call on the twelfth of September, marking the initial awareness of Daniel Holden’s absence. Notably, Daniel was reported to have last been seen a month earlier, on the twelfth of August, within the confines of the Bracebridge area.

The Ontario Provincial Police, in response to the unsettling disappearance, had swiftly issued a public appeal via their social media platforms, drawing attention to the missing 38-year-old, in hopes of jogging the public’s memory.

It has been suggested that Daniel could possibly be navigating the roads in a distinctive, tan or gold-hued 2002 Mazda MPV minivan, identified by the license plate marked CKXC268.

Distinctive features of the missing man have been riddled throughout the notice to aid the public’s identification. Daniel Holden is described as standing at five feet six inches, possessing a slender physique with short black hair crowning his features.

On his last sighting, it was noted that he was garbed in a black sweater, punctuated by white stripes adorning the sleeves and coupled with complimentary black pants. The police appeal, therefore, remains open, with the public encouraged to keep an eye out for a man fitting this description.

Therefore, all individuals within and beyond the locale are urged to remember – your vigilance and assistance could play a pivotal role in bringing Daniel Holden home safely.


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