Public consultation to be held Sept 26 for development in Beaconsfield


by Rhonda Massad

A public consultation will be held on Monday, September 26, at 7:30 p.m. regarding the new Adamus project slated for construction on Elm and Alton in Beaconsfield where once stood The Club West Island.

As required by law, the City of Beaconsfield will be holding a public consultation as part of the process for granting permits for those that want to make changes to their existing resident or start from scratch. K.F. Construction would like to build four stories instead of the three while remaining within the city bylaw of 13 meters. Meaning the new plan will be divided into four stories, three stories plus a penthouse.

“The Adamus project will provide a much-needed housing option for Beaconsfield,” said long-time resident Robert Mercuri. “There are many residents that want to downsize from their homes, yet want to remain close to their community, friends, and family. This project will certainly offer that possibility. From the plans I have seen, the project looks very nice, and we can choose from a range of high-quality condos. I think it will be a nice addition to the city”.

The Consultation

According to Beaconsfield’s Mayor Georges Bourelle, the democratic process is alive and well, giving residents the final say in what will ultimately be built.

“At the end of the day, it will be up to the residents in the zones affected to have the final decision on the proposed zone changes for both the 100 Beaurepaire project and the West Island Club project after the consultation process is done,” Bourelle explained in an email exchange with West Island Blog. “Residents will be given the opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns at the consultation meeting next Monday.”

The Mayor explained that the next step after the consultation meeting, should there still be opposition, will be to gather enough signatures to request a register.The register will be held at City Hall at a specified date and if a sufficient number of eligible residents sign the register, Council can either decide to reject the proposed zone change or go to a referendum in the zones affected.

The project promises to maintain 65% green space with all of the parking indoors and provide a high level of mobility to the 140 units of different sizes for sale with an added benefit of providing an acoustic barrier to the residents in the zone. A showroom has been set up with a mock bathroom and kitchen for anyone who wishes to visit the site.

“The important thing for everyone to remember is that the height of the proposed four-story building remains that already approved for the 3 stories,” resident Al Gardner stated.  “The increased density allows for more units for Beaconsfielders to downsize into while providing greater green space. That said, there is a special consultation meeting on several topics, this included, Monday, Sept 26 before the regular Council meeting. These are important issues that will be explained, and an opportunity for all residents have their questions answered and express the views.”


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