Psychedelic Pop Sensation Fizz Set for Exciting Album Launch in October


What started as a mere diversion, an outlet to vent creative energies, has become a psychedelic pop sensation. Fizz, a unique indie band, is the brainchild of Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland, and is composed of her compatriots in music industry, Dodie Clark, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown.

For the past decade, this quartet has individually marked their territory in the music world, with Orla and Dodie hitting the coveted top 10 with their albums. However, the solitary journey in the music industry is not without its challenges. The ceaseless cycle of creating, marketing, securing finance, and pursuing opportunities can sometimes cast a somewhat monotonous mood over the creative process.

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Martin reflects on their individual artistic journeys, admitting, “We’d been working on our own projects so hard and for so long that they started to feel like jobs. I was yearning for a musical holiday of sorts.”

That’s when they decided on a retreat to a studio in Devon. Over an intensive fortnight, they created a vibrant, kaleidoscopic album from the ground up. Unfettered by conventional notions and streaming algorithms, their spontaneous, playful sound emerged.

“We were resolved to create music that was completely unspoiled and entertaining,” Martin recounts their resolve. This ethos unleashed an eruption of ideas that propelled their creative dynamism. The songs were created instinctively, without second-guessing. Orla aptly describes the sound as “bottled happiness”.

Encouraged to experiment, the group stretched their musical know-how by trying on new instruments and recording en masse rather than individually. The priority was to capture the musical energy and their collective synergy rather, than aiming for a polished production.

The outcome is a playful musical exploration with a healthy sprinkle of silliness despite, or perhaps because of, their relaxed attitude to precision. The result isn’t a Mariah Carey replica; instead, it’s a lively mix of fun, unity and camaraderie.

The term “supergroup” often carries a dismal connotation in music history, with the coalescence of individual musicians often losing their unique genius in the mix. However, for Fizz, the intimate familiarity amongst the members fueled their bravery and unleashed rather “feral” energy.

The lyrical genius of Fizz knows no bounds. From an uncomplicated tribute to afternoon tea to an intriguing narrative about a doomsday-prediction-driven man, there’s a freedom that’s both whimsical and audacious. Amidst this creative disarray, ‘As Good As It Gets’ stands out as a potent response to patronising attitudes and the dismissive tendencies that the trio of female musicians has oft encountered.

Post their intense creative huddle, the band stepped into uncertainty regarding their music’s future. However, Fizz made their public debut at the Great Escape Festival in May, subsequently signing with Decca Records. The band is now all set for their album launch in October.

With an audacious disregard for conventionality, the band has adopted a vibrant presentation for their performances. Their concerts are unrestrained, their outfits recall childhood fancies and their aesthetics extend to their theme park-inspired music videos.

They encourage theatricality, inviting their listeners to let go and immerse themselves in the extravagant spectacle of pop. In the words of Martin, “When I was a kid, that’s all I wanted from the show: To be outside of myself.”