Provincial Policy To Hike Rent Of Rural Adult Learning Venues By Thousands Of Dollars


Non-profits that work out of government buildings in Alberta will be required to pay more rent once a new law comes into force

The new policy, the Non-Government User Space Use Policy, that is scheduled to take effect on the 1st of April, will end the practice of allowing non-profits to enter no-cost lease deals with government.

This change will hit 13 rural Community Adult Learning Programs hardest. These organizations helps impart literacy, numeracy, workplace, basic English and resume writing skills to help people find employment.

The programs are available in Bashaw, Taber, Edson, Rimbey, Ponoka and Wetaskiwin. They are sponsored by Alberta’s Advance Education, and have will be subject to rent mean to recoup water, heating and power costs.

Hadyn Place, notes that the new law will even the playing field on rental charges non-profits pay to use government space.

The currently system has the same types of non-profits paying different rental rates.

The government said it would implement these changes gradually so that non-profits have enough time to adjust.


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