Provincial commanding officer François Deschênes of Westmount RCMP office attends Regimental Funeral Service for the fallen agents in Moncton


2014-06-10-03-41-15-RCMP 3.jpgBy Rhonda Massad

  Along with more than 50 RCMP agents, provincial commanding officer François Deschênes attended the Regimental Funeral service for three RCMP officers killed in a shooting spree last Wednesday, June 4 in Moncton, New Brunswick.    More than 7000 representatives from the police and peace core from Canada and the United States were present for the ceremony. Over 50 RCMP officers from Quebec traveled to Moncton to attend services. At the Montreal RCMP headquarters the gym was set up with more than 250 chairs and a mega screen for those available to watch the televised event.   “This event touches all of us,” explained RCMP Sergeant Corine Cordey media relations for the Montreal division of the RCMP, “it has a huge impact, it doesn’t matter if you are RCMP, Surete de Quebec or SPVM, when something like this happens we are reminded by the support that we are one big family.”    According to Cordey some members were actually troop mates of the members that passed away. Several members knew the fallen officers very well. They trained together in Regina at the beginning of their career.   “We also sent members who had worked with the fallen officers,” Cordey explained in an interview with The Suburban, “There was about 25 members that were directly connected to these individuals. It is a very emotional time.”   An RCMP regimental funeral was held in Moncton on Tuesday, June 10, for Cst. Dave Ross, Cst. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, and Cst. Douglas James Larche.   RCMP employees and law enforcement from across Canada participated in a parade to honor the fallen.


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